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Ever had an event in a 100-year-old Rumah Melayu? K'Seena House is a 100-year-old Rumah Melayu made of Chengal wood located at Kampung Gombak, Kuang. The story behind K'Seena is as beautiful as the venue itself. Originally built in Kelantan, the house was dismantled plank by plank, tile by tile, and moved to its current location in 1996. Having undergone major renovation and restoration earlier this year, K'Seena is now an event space ready to be rented for brainstorm sessions, presentations, workshops, parties, intimate weddings and akad nikah, celebrations and the works. For weddings, K’Seena House offers a fully furnished day use bridal suite with attached bathroom and amenities. Comfortably accommodating 300 guests, the property is surrounded by lush greenery and provides the perfect setting for activities as well as al-fresco dining. There are 3 spaces within to choose from: • K’Seena House (Indoor) – Max 50 pax • Main Yard – Max 300 pax • Garden – Max 150 pax

The price start at 100pax @RM5,500, 200pax @RM6,600, 300pax@RM7,700, 400pax @RM8,800 , 500pax @RM9,900 and 600pax@RM11,000. Last Update 26/1/2018



Jln Kuang, Kampung Gombak, 48050 Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia
Latitude: 3.2449324 Longitude: 101.54296

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